International Outreach.

Aleph Kosher provides a globally recognized Kashrut Certificate. As opposed to there being Kashrut Certificates limited to specific countries, our mission is to eliminate the borders and provide a Kashrut Certificate known worldwide for all Jews to trust, regardless of their country of origin! This applies for both processed products sold in retail supermarkets as well as hypermarkets. In addition, it also applies to Kosher raw material used for production in the food industry.

Certification is welcomed, recognized, and approved by all major Rabbinic and Kashrut agencies across the globe. Aleph Kosher has quickly built itself a solid reputation, known to be efficient, responsible, and professional when it comes to certifying products. Furthermore, the more chasidic and demanding orthodox communities and circles have been relying on the Aleph Kosher Certification, due to its very high standards standards and Mehadrin levels of Kashrut. That being said, an Aleph Kosher Certificate has access to all plants that produce Kosher Food worldwide.

Our Proud Partners

Our partners are our greatest competitive advantage. As a company, we strive to attract, inspire, and retain a diverse workforce which performs at the highest standards. We find it our duty to ensure that our kosher certificate is globally accepted by consumers , manufacturers, and all major kosher certification agencies.


Confidentiality and Integrity

It is imperative for consumers to be confident with the kosher food they purchase, and trust the individuals who certify them. Key elements in the Kosher Certification Industry are confidentiality and integrity. At Aleph Kosher, confidence and integrity are among our strongest values.

We highly respect that your manufacturing processes, ingredient lists, and formulas are key to your success. Therefore we take significant measures when it comes to your organization's privacy. In order to ensure your privacy and the security of your organization’s intellectual property, we ensure that our entire organization, from our inspectors, managers, to our Kashruth Administrator, all honor their obligations and respect confidentiality. Our relationships with our clients are built on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. Upon partnering with manufacturers, we sign off to ensure full confidentiality, as we understand this is of outmost importance to our clients.

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