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Obtain an International Kosher Certification with Aleph Kosher and enhance the value of your brand’s products.

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Our mission is to generate a positive impact on our communities
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Kosher Certification Agency

Aleph Kosher

We are a Kosher Certification Agency based in the United States. Aleph Kosher works hand in hand with the Orthodox Union (OU) and is recognized by rabbinical authorities internationally.

The Aleph Kosher organization holds a reputation for over 15 years, providing Kosher certification services to various companies and organizations in the food sector worldwide.

As a non-profit, we have facilitated the kosher certification of products to benefit local communities

Donated funds to children with medical needs
Supported companies run by single mothers.
Kosher certifications issued internationally.

International Kosher Certification

Aleph Kosher Certification Service

Our organization’s certification service gives you the opportunity to expand your business horizons.

By having the globally recognized Kosher seal and certification, your company will be better prepared to enter and prosper in international markets such as the United States, the European Union and Latin America.

World wide kosher OU

Why Get Certified with our Aleph Kosher Agency?

We will work with you on each phase of our kosher certification process.

We understand the importance of maintaining purity and quality in food production, especially for communities that follow strict food standards, such as the Jewish communities.

At Aleph Kosher we are committed to ensuring the highest quality in every step of our kosher certification process.

  • Condifentiality is our priority.
  • Trusted and globally recognized.
  • Endorsement by rabbinical authorities.
  • Proven history and comprehensive service.

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We are Aleph Kosher

Our international presence includes countries such as Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Poland, Turkey, Uruguay, Thailand, Vietnam, India and China.

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From start to finish: 6 Steps to Kosher Certification
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