About Aleph Kosher

Making Kosher Simple

Since 2005 Aleph Kosher has been providing companies all over the world with affordable and widely accepted Kosher certification in a timely manner, congruent with normative Kosher industry standards. .

Making Kosher Simple As of 2005, Aleph Kosher has consistently been catering to companies across the globe with affordable and well-respected Kosher certifications. All in a timely manner, and through meticulously keeping with strict Kosher standards.

Our Kosher Certification is proudly used across four major continents by clients and partners of all sizes. Some of those include Mom & Pop stores, and major industrial food production companies.

Our organization is widely known as a leader in the Kosher Certification space, boasting a Database of over 1.5 Million ingredients and certified kosher additives. This in turn allows for Aleph Kosher to successfully cater all the requisites for obtaining a Kosher Certification and maintain it
Furthermore, Aleph Kosher has always taken pride in its great customer service. We aim to address all of our clients’ concerns and make sure they are dealt with accordingly. Especially with regards to the security of highly sensitive information which can be exposed during the Kosher Certification process. Examples for this are proprietary information ,processes, trade secrets, ingredients, and recipes.
Aleph Kosher highly appreciates you for working with us. In a market with competitors, we understand our clients make choices. Nonetheless, we can assure the best, most efficient, and quickest process, along with unmatched customer service. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!