Steps to get certified

Understanding the Aleph Kosher Certification Process


Fill out our application form with logistical information about your company and plant. 

A Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) at AK will handle your application, serving as your main contact for questions and guidance throughout the Kosher certification process.

In-Plant Consultation - Facility Visit

A qualified Rabbinic Field Representative (RFR) will visit your plant to observe your operation and the feasibility of certifying your products. 

The RFR will tour your plant and file a written report to the Rabbinical Coordinator for approval, In some instances, some system modifications may be required for certification to be awarded.


The RC will draft a contract that will include all AK requirements for kosher certification.

If you deem it acceptable, the contract is signed and returned to the AK office, and a letter of certification is sent to you.

Confidentiality Statement for Aleph Kosher Certification

Assurance of Confidentiality

Aleph Kosher places utmost importance on maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the kosher certification process.

Integrity and Trust

AK’s reputation for integrity is evident in the willingness of thousands of companies to grant us access to their sensitive information, assuring you that we prioritize and will not violate your trust.

Clear Confidentiality Commitment

Rest assured that all information you provide us will be held in strict confidence, a commitment clearly stated in all our certification agreements. Your data’s privacy is a fundamental aspect of our service.

Sensitivity to Certified Companies

We are highly sensitive to the unique needs of our certified companies, respecting the proprietary nature of manufacturers’ confidential information and trade secrets.

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