Trip to the Agua Splendor plant in Ecuador

The trip to the Splendor water plant in Ecuador was a truly enriching experience. From the moment we entered the road that connects Latacunga with Pujilí, we could feel the unparalleled connection with nature and the magnetism of the place. The landscapes that unfolded around us seemed straight out of a story, with majestic mountains and picturesque valleys that reminded us of the greatness of Mother Earth.

Upon arriving at the plant and entering its surroundings, we were impressed by the spirituality that permeated every corner. It was evident that care and reverence for the natural environment was an integral part of Splendor’s philosophy. From the ancient trees that guarded the facilities to the serene flow of the streams that crossed the land, everything breathed an aura of peace and harmony. Of course, we could not fail to mention the true treasure of the plant: its mineral waters. With each sip, we were able to appreciate the purity and exquisite quality of this gift of nature. Its refreshing and revitalizing flavor reminded us of the importance of caring for and valuing the resources that the Earth offers us.

We are honored and excited to have had the opportunity to visit and get to know our new clients at Aguas Splendor more closely. This experience not only strengthened our business ties, but also left us with a deep impression about the transformative power of nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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